TransFair Pricing Solutions (“TFPS”) is already celebrating three years in business. It is a great opportunity to celebrate and say thank you again to all our customers for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to be their partner for transfer pricing and valuation matters.

In the last three years, International Tax Review awarded TFPS for the European Tax Awards and the World Transfer Pricing Edition. We shared our insights through several local and international workshops and contributed with opinion statements on transfer pricing general court cases. We expanded our portfolio of solutions, grew our team, moved to bigger premises, and became Luxembourg delegate for the Tax Advisers Europe Fiscal Committee.

Most importantly, we grew with the only aim to overpass our clients’ expectations by constantly improving and adapting our solutions. We believe that rigor has been the key element of our success.

On a more personal level, this exciting entrepreneurial journey has been full of optimism, hard work, persistence, determination, and I obviously cannot discard here the stress and working nights related.

Last but not least, thanks to all who have contributed and supported the activity of TFPS. I look forward to continuing this journey together with our partners.

Yours sincerely,

Vanessa Ramos Ferrín
Managing Partner
Transfer Pricing & Valuation
TransFair Pricing Solutions S.A.

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